Community Fundraising

We appreciate your willingness to help us in our cause. There are many innovative ways in which you can contribute

Family and friends

It is most likely that you already have a group of fundraisers - your friends and family. At your next get together you can share with them information about Deep Griha and then together you can come up with ideas to raise funds.

Schools & Colleges

  • School events are always a good way to raise money for us.
  • Set up a donation box in your school/ college. Ask people to contribute how much ever they can throughout the year. In return ask people from different walks of life to come take special workshops for the donors.
  • We will send you information and assist you to form an interactive club in your school or college.
  • You could ask for a stall at the summer fete or organise a Christmas carol concert.
  • Own-clothes days at schools make children feel they are having a treat while raising money, and most schools have a 'mufti' day once a year.
  • School/college clubs can host a day car washes at public parking lots. You can set a price for the car wash and also ask people for donation in return.
  • Cake sales are always welcome; the combination of delicious treats and raising money for charity is irresistible!


  • Companies can host a range of events like a food festival, book fair or entertainment programme. The staff can donate money in return as participation fees.
  • Hold a dress down day when everyone can wear whatever they want to work instead of uniforms or any formal attire in return for a donation to Deep Griha Society.
  • Don't you enjoy indoor or outdoor sport especially the one that gives you a break at work. Use that as an excuse to raise funds. For a month conduct different tournaments in your office during lunch hour or before and after work. Ask winning teams to donate their prize money or keep an entry fee for all tournaments that you can donate.

Other fundraising ideas

  • Sponsored events are always popular. In the past people have fasted for us, kept silent for hours and even had their heads shaved! Many of our supporters feel that sponsored exercise is a way to get large numbers of people to participate. LINK volunteers in Pune recently held a sponsored head shave where four girls shaved off all their hair and raised over 2500 pounds for DISHA. They set up a gift aid page online and also a group on facebook to let all their family and friend know and stipulated that they would only shave off their hair if they raised a minimum of two thousand pounds!
  • Raffles and tambolas are an excellent way of raising funds, either as an activity in their own right, or to supplement another event.
  • Themed banquets, lunches, tea parties or picnics. Choose seasonal themes such as Burns Night, Christmas or country themes and tailor the menu accordingly. Arrange the meal in a hotel or restaurant and sell tickets at a profit or take over a canteen or village hall and do the catering yourselves.
  • Hold a general knowledge quiz in your local pub and charge a fee for each individual to take part. Perfect for Autumn and Winter evenings.
  • Someone with a slightly big front yard can host a yard sale for people in the community. The neighbourhood can participate in this event. People can buy a spot to sell their goods. Someone can set up a food stall and an arrangement so everyone enjoys the experience.

Our events and fundraising team is there to assist you in coming up with ideas and guiding you in organising these events. You can get in touch with us at


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