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30 August 2015
Category: Income Generation Programme

The income generation programme aims to bring sustainable incomes to women living within the communities that Deep Griha Society works with. 

24 May 2013
Category: Childcare

The Laddoo Project is teaming up with Unventured, an adventure company from Bangalore, for a unique fundraising collaboration.

22 January 2013
Category: Newsletters
Happy New Year to all our friends, family and supporters from everyone at Deep Griha. The past year has been filled with great progress and we look forward to what 2013 will bring!

15 January 2013
Category: Volunteer

Name: Riikka Jarvelin
Volunteered: Autumn 2010 to Spring 2012
Nationality: Finnish
Programme: Creche

I came to India with my boyfriend, who got transferred to his European employer's Pune office for 18 months. I wanted to donate my time to a local NGO improving the situation of the city's underprivileged children and was very happy to find Deep Griha Society. I soon found my place within this amazing organization, which makes such a difference to the people living in Pune's slum areas.

5 January 2013
Category: Volunteer
Name: Jane Stratford
Volunteered: September to October 2011
Nationality: English
Programme: City of Child and Deep Griha Academy

8 November 2012
Category: Childcare

We are happy to announce that Deep Griha’s nutrition project has been independently nominated for an INDEX: Award 2013. Held every two years and patronised by HRH Crown Prince Federik of Denmark, this award recognises projects worldwide which have a significant life-improving impact. We hoped to make nutritious snacks more accessible to children living in the Tadiwala, Ramtekdi and Bibvewadi communities and Design Impact Fellow, Anisha Shankar kicked off this project by designing low-cost, nutritious (and delicious!) ladoos. Height and weight measurements were taken and the ladoos have been incorporated into our crèches food programme.
Our current DI Fellow Jaskeerat Bedi will be repeating these measurements at six months as well as supporting our women self-help groups as they take these recipes to the market. Success will see healthier children and new women entrepreneurs within the local community! Chosen by an international panel of designers, scholars and business people, Deep Griha will remain optimistic for the finalist announcement in June 2013 and look forward to the continuation of our work with Design Impact.
Click through to see nomination.

19 July 2012
Category: Case Study
Akash Ovhal is 19 years old and he is studying for his Bachelor in Commerce at the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar College in Pune.
Akash’s educational development has been enabled by the support he has received at DGS. Through the Aadhar Kendra Child Sponsorship Program Akash receives support from the First Community Church in Columbus, Ohio, USA, a program which he has been a part of since he was 5 years old. As a result he has had the books, notebooks, stationery and school uniforms he has needed to remain in education.


17 July 2012
Category: Volunteer

Name: Ritu Pasricha
Volunteered: June 2012 to date
Nationality: Indian
Programme: Creative English classes

When I recently moved to Pune from Bangkok, where I was helping under privileged children, I was determined to continue doing the same in India as well...Why? The answer is simple....seeing a smile on their face gives me happiness & satisfaction.

17 July 2012
Category: Volunteer

Name: Nick Stewart
Nationality: Britain
Volunteered: May 2012
Programme: External Communications, English coaching, DISHA

I came to India to learn, and don't believe in the value of imposing a Western view of the world. When I read that volunteers at DGS are invited to ‘support staff, not replace them’ I knew that it was the right place for me.


30 June 2012
Category: Volunteer
From the 1st of January 2013 volunteers who stay at the Cultural Centre will need to pay 500 Rupees per person per day. This increase is due to the rise of the cost of living in India.


Unventured, an adventure company from Bangalore is supporting "The Laddoo Project" ( an Urban Nutrition initiative by Design Impact being run at the DGS creches). This is a unique collaboration, wherein 11 cyclists who are riding from Manali to Leh will raise money and awareness for the Laddoo Project, such that our little toddlers keep getting their yummy source of healthy laddoos. Read more >

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