22 June 2007

Positive Change for Deep Griha Creches and Balwadis

Since the beginning of 2007 a group of volunteers have been working together on a 'Rejuvination Project' in order to improve the conditions in the balwadis and creches in Ramtekadi, Bibwewadi and Tadiwala Road.

In order to assess the particular areas within the balwadis and creches that were in need of development, the current volunteers undertook a period of observation.  This involved each volunteer spending a month in two out of the fourteen balwadis and creches each and learning how the teachers and their helpers manage various classroom issues.  In this particualr period the issues that were addressed included health and hygiene maintenance and methods of discipline. 
As a result of the observation period the information gathered from each creche and balwadi has been compiled and used to create a report which specifies the areas that are in need of improvement and illustrates systems that could be used to create sustainable changes.  In order to achieve these changes the volunteers designed and held training workshops which addressed each of the issues previously metnioned.  These sessions did not only reinforce the importance of addressing these issues. They also provided the opportunity for the teachers and helpers to work in collaboration with other teaching professionals, enabling them to share and learn from the knowledge of other peoples experiences.

After the workshops had been held First Aid kits and Health and Hygiene kits were provided for each and every creche and balwadi for the first time.  These facilities are of paramount importance regarding the health, safety and well-being of the children.

All in all the team of volunteers who are running the project are aiming to improve the conditions for all those who a attend the balwadis and creches run by Deep Griha.  However, most importantly the intention is to create a safer and more stimulating environment for the present and future children so that may learn and develop through play.
In addtion to all of this the Toys for Tots campaign kicked off this year and was a great success.  From this, every creche and balwadi was given a full box of toys as well at least two changes of clothing for each child.

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