22 June 2007

Toy Drive Success

Laughter and Smiling faces were widespread in the creches and Balwadis of Deep Griha Society on Monday 11 June as the toys recently collected as a result of the first 'Toy Drive' were distributed.  For the past four months a group of volunteers have been working very hard to make the first of 'Toys for Tots' campaign successful and finally it all paid off.

Setting up the campaign has not been a particularly easy task.  Initially a search had to be carried out in order to find potential contacts to take part.  This involved a lot of letter writing, emailing and phone calls some of which ended in success others which of course did not.  After establishing successful contacts a large number of boxes had to be found and decorated with lots of colour (with the help and to the delight of the children of the creches and balwadis) and then taken to each of the contact locations.  However, the organisational work did not stop there.  In addition to this hundreds of letters outlining the aim of the campaign had to be written and printed off as well as promotional posters with the Toys for Tots logo, also designed by a current volunteer and record sheets to keep tabs on the thousands of donations that had been collected.  This was then followed by the undesirable task of entering each and every single item into a database so that a record could be kept regarding what each creche and balwadi had been given.

After a lot of thought the team decided to restrict contacts for this initial campaign to other nurseries and creches throughout Pune.  This worked out well as mothers and fathers found it  rather convenient to be able to drop unwanted toys and clothes off at their childs nursery as well as their children!

From then on it was just a case of waiting for the boxes to fill to the brim with toys and clothes.  Thankfully it all worked out and now every creche and balwadi of DGS has a supply of toys and clothes for every child.  Hopefully that will be enough to keep them occupied until next year!

As previously mentioned 'Toys for Tots' is an annual campaign that will be carried on by other future voluteers.  Therefore if you feel that you would like to contribute please phone the DGS office on 0091 20 261 24382 and ask to speak to a member of the 'Toys for Tots' team.

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