Vidyanagari - 'City of Knowledge'

27 July 2009

Cummins India volunteers plant trees at Vidyanagari

On July 25, Vidyanagari hosted special guests from Cummins India Ltd., Pune, who came to see the project first-hand and get involved. They organised a tree plantation drive at Vidyanagari.

A team of about 26 enthusiastic volunteers from Cummins India got themselves involved and put in all the hard work on Saturday. This team included Kevin Pinto, Product Engineering, Chetan Prabhu, Deputy General Manager Product Engineering, Michael Lambert, Vice President Engineering and other members of staff.

The day started with a brief introduction of Deep Griha Society. The team then went ahead with planting Mango, Guava, Jambul, Jackfruit, Ashoka, Amla, Rain tree and Lemon grass saplings.

Cummins India’s contribution in terms of getting saplings, planting them, volunteer support and most importantly facilitating one of the priorities at Vidyanagari has been invaluable.

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