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11 October 2009

Medical and Healthcare - September News

The clinic experienced a rush of concerned clients this month as daily reports of H1N1 filled the airwaves and newspapers. Dr. Prakash responded with workshops on prevention measures and guidelines for Deep Griha’s crèche and balwadi teachers as well as for various other members of the community. When asked if the panic was warranted, Dr. Prakash responded that the threat of H1N1 was overblown by the media and that when compared to the risk and prevalence of tuberculosis and HIV, H1N1 is a minor threat. There have not been any cases of H1N1 in the Tadiwala community.

The clinic continued its effort at education with numerous workshops. 52 local teachers were given resources regarding proper nutrition and H1N1 prevention. Deep Griha also circulated information pamphlets and inform people from the communities we work in about various precautionary measures. In Ramtekadi, MOMs (Monitoring of MNH Status) committee received a workshop on HIV prevention and treatment. HIV/AIDS awareness workshops were also hosted for parents from Tadiwala Road.

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