11 October 2010

Aadhar Kendra October Birthday Party

Divya, Duncan & Payal

When I was asked to plan a birthday party for thirty sponsor children from the Aadhar Kendra child sponsorship programme I'm not going to lie and say it was easy, it wasn't. I was stumped... Every 3 months or so, Deep Griha hold a party for the sponsored children who have a birthday during this time, so the pressure was on to make the October celebration one to remember!

I had never planned an event for such a large group, especially a group so young, a group which I had been advised would need something fun, something exciting and something which would entertain them for a whole afternoon. This was clearly something I couldn't do alone! Luckily enough, I am part of a volunteer group of over 20 and I needed to draw on the strengths of them if the party was going to be a success.

I split my helpful team of volunteers into two groups: planners and do-ers. The planners were relied on for games, decorations, dates, venues, food, drinks and music; and the do-ers would be there on the day to help setup the party, tidy up afterwards, and lend a hand everywhere in between! Our volunteer photographer Avinash would also play a key role by capturing all of the colourful moments on film.

Thinking back on some of our favourite parties as children, we decided to call in a favour from our friends at Family International to secure a magician, clowns and face-painters. This would provide the main entertainment for the day, with games, dancing, snacks, birthday cake and gifts!

On Friday 8th October, the big day arrived and all the plans had come together smoothly. Some of the children from the DIYA Youth Centre even helped us to decorate their hall for the birthday party at 2pm. As usual, the 30 kids that we expected at the party magically turned into 45 when the party was due to start!

After a selection of party games, the sponsored children and their friends welcomed the clowns who created the best balloon animals we'd ever seen and painted faces and tattoos (along with the help of our international volunteers). I even got fully involved with the creative atmosphere and got my own face painted as a tiger by Kassie!

Once all of the children were content with their balloon creations and painted arms and faces, they sat patiently to wait for the magician Sadruddin Badruddin. Over the course of an hour, we were all entertained by the impressive illusions and tricks - including watching him produce Kassie's silver ring from a fresh tomato!

As the day was drawing to a close, the children settled down to a big plate of sweet and savoury treats, including birthday cake of course! The sponsor children from Aadhar Kendra also received a gift to celebrate their big day.

I know the children all had a great day and a birthday to remember - the volunteers and DIYA staff certainly will for a long time to come!

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