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15 November 2010

IT School Graduation

After 3 months of study, students from Batch 16 of the Yuvi Sphurti Kendra IT School were today awarded their Certificates of Achievement in Deep Griha Society's Family Welfare Centre, Tadiwala Road.

Batch 16 students with Tech Mahindra employees

The award ceremony was attended by 15 passing-out pupils from Batch 16, as well as new pupils enrolled into Batch 17. Anil from Deep Griha Society co-hosted the event with Vitya, Head of Tech Mahindra Foundation. Dr. Neela Onawale (the Director of DGS) also gave a short speech to provide words of inspiration to both the recently qualified students and those embarking on their own educational experience.

The Yuva Sphurti Kendra IT School is a joint initiative between Deep Griha Society and Tech Mahindra Foundation that was launched in 2007. Since it's introduction, the 3-month courses have continued to be successful, with each batch of lessons accommodating between around 15 and 30 students. The course operates from Deep Griha's Family Welfare Centre, with Tech Mahindra Foundation providing the teaching staff and computer equipment. Lessons run Monday through Saturday, with a morning session dedicated to Spoken English lessons, and Computer Skills are taught in the afternoon. Every Satuday, the students should also benefit from Personal Development sessions to improve their communication skills, build their Resume and practice interview techniques.

Today, the ceremony hosts invited the IT School students (aged 18 to 28 years old) to share their experiences of the course with the organisers and the newly enrolled students. Monali thanked her teachers for their dedication to their lessons, and expressed her gratitude for the being given the opportunity to improve her English and computer skills.

Ashish the star pupil with his A+ certificate!

Ashish explained that he really enjoyed the computer lessons in the course, but felt he still lacked confidence to speak English freely. He was encouraged to re-apply for the course to improve his spoken English skills and to take every opportunity to practice with family and friends - this was a challenge that he bravely accepted!

Students were called up by their computer teacher Sarika Ma'am and their English teacher Sushant Sir to collect their certificates. Although he felt his English needing improvement, Ashish topped the class with an impressive 83% - earning him an A+! 13 of the total 15 students enrolled in Batch 16 passed the course, and will now benefit from an arranged job interview with local technology, telesales and hospitality companies. Sarika Ma'am congratulated all students for their efforts from 1st July 2010 to 1st October 2010, but encouraged them to continue to use their own initiative and skills to ensure success in this and other interviews, and hopefully their future careers.

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Virenda, Yuva Sphurti Kendra
Yuva Sphurti Kendra
Snehal, DIYA Centre
Sharad, DIYA Centre
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