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13 January 2011

'The Banker'; A Short Story Inspired by an Indian Authors Visit to Deep Griha Society

A recent visit to Deep Griha's DIYA Programme has inspired renound Indian author Rakesh A. Bakshi to pen some short childrens stories which he has generously given us permission to publish on our website.

The Banker

Once upon a time, in the dynamic city of Pune, in a low income locality of Ramtekdi, lived Chandu. His father works as a labourer who makes wooden furniture at a Furniture store. His mother works as a house maid in a rich household in a far away locality.

Chandu studies in the Government Municipal school. He does not need to spend any money in school because the school pays for their daily lunch and even the monthly school tuition fees.

Chandu’s Father gives him one sweet candy made from mango every morning before he goes to school. The sweet mango candy is the highlight of his day. Not only because that is the only time he sees his mother and father together but also because he does not receive any other money from his poor parents. Anything he needs, which is not much, is brought by his patents.

One day his father has to walk him to school as his mother had to leave early for work. His father stops at the Bank on the way to school. Chandu asks his father what is a Bank.

The father replies a Bank is where they save money. He puts little money in this bank everyday on his way to work. From whatever he could save from yesterday’s earnings.

Chandu asks why do they have to save money?

The father replies that they keep money in the Bank so that one day if they need a lot of money it will all be there waiting for them. The money is kept in a Bank account in his name.

He asks his father can he also open a Savings Bank account.

His father says he too young now to open a Savings Bank account.

One day his Mother takes him along with her for her job. He sits quietly in the kitchen while his mother cooks and cleans the house she works at.

In the afternoon the child of the owner of the house arrives from school and he has a big bag of sweets. He finds out that the child had distributed sweets to all the boys in the class as it was his birthday. The birthday boy gifts some choco sweets to Chandu too. Chandu is so happy! He has never had a choco candy before and he has never held so many sweets before in his tiny fingers. When one slips away he rushes forward to pick it up least it grows legs and run away from him.
On the way home from work he asks his Mother if even he can give his friends sweets on his birthday.

His Mother says they are too poor to give so many sweets to all the boys and girls in class. She can give him a few to gift to his few good friends only.

The boy ponders while he munches the choco sweets.

The next day on his way to school, he opens the candy wrapper and pops the candy into his mouth and throws away the wrapper carelessly.

While he is munching the sweet he realizes something. He turns around and picks up the candy wrapper.
He looks at the wrapper and pockets it. He continues to school.

The next day we see him walk to school and he is not munching any sweet.

Two months go by. One morning before he leaves for school he removes a big plastic bag from behind the cupboard and has to literally drag it because it is heavy. His father asks him what is in the bag? His mother too wonders where did this bag come from and what is in it?

Chandu replies, it’s his Bank account.

They wonder what he means.

Chandu explains, it’s his birthday today, and he wanted to gift sweets to every boy and girl in class. Just like rich children do. So he opened a Savings bank account.

His parents look puzzled.

Chandu explains, every day that his father gifted him a sweet he placed it in his Bank. He shows them the plastic bag full of sweets. In two months he has enough sweets for all his classmates and his teachers. Just like his father had said, “Saving Bank Account”.

The parents beam with pride. The father gifts him two sweets.

In school Chandu distributes sweets to each and every child.

Chandu’s teacher asks Chandu how did he manage to get so many sweets for everyone in his class? Chandu tells them how each day he saved the single sweet his father would gift him. He resisted the temptation to eat the sweet everyday so that after 60 days he will have enough sweets to share with everyone in class. The Teacher and his class mates clap and cheer him and sing him a Happy Birthday song too.

It was Chandu’s best Birthday ever! He was a very happy boy that day.

Chandu lived happily ever after.


@ Rakesh A. Bakshi

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