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6 June 2011

Interview with kids at -Yuva Spurti Kendra

After a morning of English class and computer skills training, students Saudshaikh, Sharukh Khan and Mozam Shikh chat with the other students in their class.  These three boys are part of Deep Griha’s Yuva Spurti Kendra IT classes sponsored by Tech Mahindra.

This youth empowerment programme includes English and computer classes, as well as help with interviewing and creating a CV.

In English class, the students learn grammar and conversational English through a variety of creative methods.

Student Sapana Mhaske, 16, believes the English class is very effective for everyday conversation: “Before the program I couldn’t read and write much but after the class I now have the self confidence to read.”  She especially enjoys the songs the instructor teaches every Friday.

In computer class, the students learn the basic functions of a computer and how to use Microsoft office.

Another student, Pooja Nikalje, 16, want to study astronomy in school and feels she will be able to use her acquired skills in her career. She explains, “Outside India, you need to know English to interact with other people and to be able to exchange ideas with others. I would use technology to learn about astronomy.”

All the students agree that their classes were a positive experience, made even more enjoyable by the volunteer instructors.

Saudshaikh says the instructors “are very friendly, they teach us like we are their children.  They teach us a lot.”

The students have been enrolled in the class for two months, and a majority of the interviews were performed in English.

Category: Youth Empowerment

  • Savita Sonawane, 5th Batch

    "It's wonderful to be a part of such a knowledge sharing organisation. I consider myself fortunate to get this opportunity."

  • Rajashree Parkale, 5th Batch

    "I heard about this course from my neighbour. The course has helped me learn not just the basic computer skills and spoken English but has helped me to build confidence in myself. I have now secured a job in Taj Blue Diamond as a data entry operator."

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