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9 June 2011

A Morning with Kadambari, Coordinator of Rural Development Programs

As Coordinator of Deep Griha’s Rural Development Programmes, Kadambari Tribhuvan often travels from Tadiwala Rd to numerous villages surrounding the city. She meets with the leaders of the self-help groups and vocational training programmes and monitors their progress. Currently the largest rural programme is vocational training for teenagers.

While visiting the vocational training programme in the village of Nasrapoor, Kadambari explains that the focus of the courses depends on the interests of the girls enrolled in the program. In the past, girls have requested courses in nursing, beauty parlor training, tailoring, mehendi and balwadi training.

The girls prefer the freedom of choosing their course topics because they know which skills will be the most useful in their daily lives. Kadambari observes that although computer skills are helpful to some, most girls do not actually use them after the classes are over. Especially since the girls often travel long distances for their classes, they want to engage in the activities that they see as most useful for their daily lives.

Women who reside in the surrounding community teach the courses. Because they are usually familiar with the cultural and social dynamics of the girls taking the class, they can identify with the girls, build relationships with them and help keep them at ease. Kadambari admits that there is a small price associated with the courses for materials and wages, but the benefits greatly outweigh the costs.

Currently, there are 22 women enrolled in tailoring and stitching courses at the Nasrapoor centre. Kadambari proudly states that there are a few women from the     tailoring programme who have now started successful tailoring businesses in the village. Owning their own business instills self-confidence and inspires others to  follow in these women’s footsteps. Kadambari hopes to expand on the programme   by working with other organizations in Pune to match the girls with jobs.

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