15 March 2012

Jemma, Volunteer

Name: Jemma Clegg
Age: 22
Volunteered: September 2011 - February 2012
Home Country: Northern Ireland
Role: Volunteer Coordinator

I volunteered with Deep Griha Society for 5 months, and by the end of my time here I definitely did not want to go home. Deep Griha is incredible, and the work they carry out is so vital to the local community. Each of the projects here has its own way of empowering the local people and enabling them to build a better life for themselves.

JemmaMy role as Volunteer Coordinator meant that I got to meet a lot of new people, and learn more about the history of Deep Griha and the role that they have played in the community since they began. It was inspiring to hear the story of how Deep Griha started on such a small scale, but now has developed into such a large NGO.

There is so much to get involved with at Deep Griha, and I would definitely reccommend it to anyone who is wanting to volunteer with such a worthwhile NGO. If you are prepared to be flexible, and take initiative, then Deep Griha is definitely the place to volunteer. From teaching English, to running health checks on the kids, there is always something to help out with.

My memories at Deep Griha will always be amazing ones, and the experience will stay with me forever. The people that I met here were incredible, the staff were so lovely and the friends I made were fantastic.

Category: Volunteer

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