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9 April 2012

'Tippy Taps' arrive at Deep Griha Academy

Tippy TapFour ‘Tippy Taps’ have been installed at the Deep Griha Academy as part of a volunteer-led project to ensure good hygiene among the children.
Teaching children to wash their hands after going to the toilet, after sneezing and before eating can prevent many health problems.
Our Tippy-Tap project included three main parts:
  • Building the Tippy Taps. Volunteers worked with the DGA children to build the Tippy Taps. The materials used are very simple: a jerry can (filled with water) and a bar of soap are hung from a wooden construction. The jerry can is tipped by the use of a foot lever attached to it by a piece of string. This way, children can wash their hands without transferring germs from their hands onto the installation.
  • Education about hand washing and using the Tippy Taps. Lessons were given to each individual Deep Griha Academy class and included a creative element in addition to hand washing information and practical exercises. We hope to repeat these classes each year.
  • Follow-up. This includes a hand washing song and a reminder for the children on when to wash their hands. We also check that the Tippy Taps are being used properly.
Tippy Tap lessonOur Tippy Taps are part of a larger campaign promoting proper hand washing: The Tippy Tap Project.  Problems including diarrhoea and acute respiratory infections can be caused by germs on people’s hands ending up in their stomachs through eating or cooking.  The Tippy Tap organisation tries to prevent this by providing information and lesson plans about the Tippy Tap and about proper hand washing. We based our ideas and lessons on their campaign.
Deep Griha Academy team leader Ashlesha Onawale said: “The implementation at Deep Griha Academy has been a great success! The teachers and children are enthusiastic about using the new Tippy Tap. We are looking at opportunities for installing Tippy Taps at other DGS locations, so future volunteers can look forward to getting involved.”
By Eva de Haan and Nick Stewart
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