18 April 2012

Shubham, Aadhar Kendra

Shubham Lagad is 12 years old and lives at DGS’s City of Child (CoC) residential project.

Shubham and NehaHe and his nine-year-old sister Neha have lived at CoC for the past five years. Their parents are deceased and their grandmother is not in a position to care for the siblings full time. They look forward to staying with their grandmother during vacations.

Shubham is thriving at CoC.  He is in the 7th Standard at the local school and is a good student. He is planning to study Commerce and Business in the future.

Shubham’s life is not all work and no play.  He has a best friend at City of Child called Raoul with whom he shares many interests such as playing cricket and watching movies.

Shubham’s favourite activity is running and his face breaks into a big smile when he talks about it.  Although he is rather modest in talking about his accomplishments, at last year’s track and field competitions in Mumbai Shubham won first place in his age category and received both a trophy and a medal. Congratulations, Shubham!

Category: Case Study

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