17 July 2012

Ritu, Volunteer

Name: Ritu Pasricha                                                                                            
Volunteered: June 2012 to date                                                                    
Nationality: Indian
Programme: Creative English classes

When I recently moved to Pune from Bangkok, where I was helping under privileged children, I was determined to continue doing the same in India as well...Why? The answer is simple....seeing a smile on their face gives me happiness & satisfaction.

I explored, and found that Deep Griha’s programs were helping the community in so many different ways. It was inspiring to know how small the organisation started, and over the years, has slowly grown and created a difference to so many people's lives. Soon, I was a part of it.

My first day volunteering at DGS was a sunny Wednesday afternoon. I was all prepared to leave my house for Deep Griha, I picked up my art material and some colored sheets of paper and I sat in my car. I was excited. It was my first day of teaching art to children there. Of course, I have taught before also, but this was a new set of children. Will I be able to communicate and teach them properly? Will they enjoy? I had so many questions and thoughts going on in my head.

Finally, I arrived and was greeted very warmly by all the children. We exchanged some basic information about each other, and then started our first activity of Marble paints. I was thrilled to see how every child enjoyed it. Time just flew after that. Following week, when I arrived at Deep Griha, the children were excited and welcomed me with their beautiful smiles. I could see that they had fun in the last week activities. Since then, together ,we have enjoyed card making with marble paints, making paper chains, vegetable and finger painting, paper weaving, drawing & painting using recyclable tetra pak cartons and practiced some basic English writing skills.

ART is all about fun and enjoyment; it gives me pleasure to see how each child creates his/her masterpiece and is proud of it too. It has been a wonderful experience interacting with the co-ordinators and helping the children. My journey with DeepGriha has just begun and I do plan to continue volunteering here for many years ahead.

If you, like Ritu, live locally but would like to volunteer at DGS please go to Volunteer with us to find out more.


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