Tadiwala Road Clinic

17 July 2006

Inauguration of the laboratory

On the 17th July DGS realized their aspiration to provide a diagnostic facility for the underprivileged in Pune. Rev. Onawalegave the opening speeches in the morning and dedicated the laboratory to the patients who will use it. Sally Thompson,acting as a representative of the Girl Guides at Sangam, cut the ribbon to declare the laboratory open. Sweets and flowerswere handed out to well wishers and supporters to mark the occasion.

The Laboratory will be a welcome addition to DGS' existing programs as it is fully equipped with up to date technology andwill be able to help many different patients. DISHA is one of the many branches of DGS that will benefit, as HIV tests willbe able to be done on site. This means waiting time for results will be cut from 8 days to one day. DGS' ability to provideon site diagnosis reinforces its comprehensive approach to the problems they have encountered in socio-economicallydeprived areas in Pune. It is anticipated the opening of the laboratory in Tadiwala Road will have a substantial impacton the people living in the area, as previously the nearest facility was 2km away and too costly for the local people.Further, the impact of the laboratory is to be reinforced by para-medical training of those in the community to expandthe reach of the new project.This marked an important step for both DGS and the communities in which they work.

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