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15 September 2006

World Literacy Day 2006

World Literacy Day was celebrated on 15th September 06 here at Deep Griha at the Ramtekedi site. A total of 125 women and girls fromour Adult Education and literacy classes attended. The Director of Deep Griha Society Dr N. B Onawale, the guest speaker Mrs NehaOrpe, family members, volunteers, and teachers supported the women on their special day.

Team leaders, Rajendra Aher and Mrs Dande gave an introductory speech, which was followed by Marathi prayer songs sungby the women themselves. Individual women showed great confidence in standing up before the audience and presenting theirpersonal testimonies. They expressed their gratitude to Deep Griha for their commitment to them and for the provision of theliteracy classes. The women recounted how significant the classes were to their lives; how they enjoyed having one hour intheir busy lives to come and learn with others. Entertainment interspersed the testimonies in the form of dances and thesinging of popular Hindi and Marathi songs.

The guest speaker, Mrs Neha Orpe is greatly involved with Deep Griha and provides support through giving lectures for the GirlChild Development programmes and conducting seminars for various awareness projects. She praised the work at Deep Griha;the variety of projects established and the grassroots approach to working within the community. She then presented passcertificates to those who had passed their literacy classes, standards 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th. Gift food boxes were alsopresented. At the end of the programme everyone was served chai and delicious snacks.

The event was a great success and the atmosphere throughout was cheerful and positive. Well done to everyone involvedin organizing and attending the event for making it such a pleasant day!

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