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10 March 2007

International Women's Day celebration


Following International Women's Day on the 8 March, hundreds of women from Deep Griha Society gathered together the following Saturday to mark the event in style.

Throughout the world International Women's Day has relevance. However, in developing countries such as India where women have a tendency to lack opportunities in the sectors of employment and education, special days of celebration such as this provides them with a chance to come together and celebrate who they are, the progress they have made and the strength that they channel as individuals and as a cohesive group.

Well the female residents of Pune certainly knew how to celebrate. Deep Griha volunteers were invited to an eye-catching display of song, dance and role-play including a play by the DISHA group that mixed comedy with pathos. Other women simply attended with their children in their


brightly coloured finery to support their friends and join in the celebrations.

The lucky Deep Griha volunteers who attended

had the honour of being called onto the stage where they were each presented with a red rose, a symbol of friendship.

It was certainly a moving experience to see so many women, who from a materialist perspective have very little, celebrate the fundamental qualities of life that they do possess.

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