28 January 2009

Bharati and Harshada, Childcare

Childcare Parent

Bharati was in a desperate financial condition and had no option but to go out to work shortly after the birth of her child Harshada.

She was working as a helper in a hospital and her husband was studying (and therefore was not earning), so the DGS creche has provided the family with vital support.

"It is only because of this creche service that I have been able to work today," Bharati says. Her family has also received further support such as maternal and newborn healthcare and check-ups at the eye clinic.

DGS works with the parents through monthly meetings providing information and support about childcare and an opportunity to discuss the wellbeing and care of children.

Bharati says that "Many people from our community have benefited from the services provided by DGS. This organization has helped kids, women and parents in general, be it through creches, Aadhar Kendra [the child sponsorship programme] or women's empowerment programmes."

The facilities of the creche allow Bharati the freedom to work so that she can provide for her children's futures.

Category: Case Study

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