7 October 2005

DISHA Cricket Challenge the action begins

The Inaugural DISHA Cricket Challenge Trophy series is well and truly underway. Starting earlier this week, teams drawn from local community groups are already competing head-to-head in hard fought matches.On Thursday, the action started with an inauguration from DGS Associate Director Kiran Patole, facing a few pacy deliveries for the cameras and - naturally - dispatching them in classic style. DISHA Field Supervisor and Umpire-for-the-day Avinash Chakranarayan then presided over the first coin toss and the matches began.Assuming you're already familiar with cricket, the rules are simple. There are six players on each team. Both sides get an innings of six overs to score as many runs as possible. Every batsman faces one over, and everyone bar the wicketkeeper has to bowl. If a batsman is given out, they still face the remainder of their over but four runs are deducted for each wicket that falls.Although the tournament is a fun event for all concerned, there is also another purpose: raising awareness of the issues surrounding HIV / AIDS. The DISHA staff can use the opportunity to meet with local youth, and information posters are placed prominently around the playing ground.With preliminary rounds underway the final scheduled for 26 November (close to World AIDS Day on 1 December), it looks like the Challenge Trophy is already capturing the imagination.
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