16 February 2009

Mumtaz, Women's Empowerment


Mumtaz has been involved in the DGS Self Help Groups (SHG) for four years and takes part in the seminars. At first she participated in a singing programme and then she found out more about services DGS provides from the field workers.

In the SHG her sister is the chairperson and Mumtaz is the treasurer, so she is in charge of the banking and giving loans up to 60-70,000 rupees. Mumtaz has utilised the loan service herself, enabling her to fund her business of selling meat and making lunches for people from her home. She has three children and they also are involved in the businesses.

Her family are supportive, her husband has not received an education but trusts her to make good decisions and she in turn teaches him about what she is doing.

The SHG has benefited Mumtaz and the local community because it ensures the low interest loans are given to those who need it to enable them to set-up their own businesses and provide for their family. It has impacted her life because she can afford to pay for her children’s education and has money available for her businesses.

Mumtaz says that there’s a big problem with alcohol in the local community and it’s good that women have the opportunities to break free from the reliance on their husbands, to provide for their family and save money.

Category: Case Study

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