16 February 2009

Avinash, HIV & AIDS

AvinashAvinash has been working with Deep Griha for the last 18 years. During that time he has worked on a number of programmes including teaching coaching classes, as a fieldworker at Ramtekadi, incharge of the Aadhar Kendra child sponsorship programme and teaching in school drop-out classes.

His work, passion and style were noticed and he was promoted to his current position as team leader of DISHA. Avinash says that ‘this is the most rewarding and the best phase of my life.’ He felt that he had been continually searching for what he what he wanted to do in life until he began work with DISHA and as a team leader he really feels that his work is appreciated. It is the interaction with clients and the counseling that he particularly enjoys which is enhanced now that he has completed his MA in Social Work.

There are challenges involved with this work and it is also Avinash’s responsibility to inform families when a client passes away. He has the complete support of his family although his youngest son didn’t like to see him wearing his ‘HIV positive’ t-shirt (part of the Wake Up Pune campaign), being embarrassed and worried about what his friends would think, but after Avinash explained that it was about positive education, awareness and support his son asked for his own t-shirt. Despite being such a stigmatised issue, the reaction from the community has been really positive, after awareness sessions people often approach Avinash with individual questions and many go on to get tested.

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