23 February 2009

Disha Ladies, HIV and AIDS

Disha LadiesThe main aim of the Disha Ladies is to raise awareness and educate people across all of Pune about HIV and AIDS. They do this in a number of ways including performing street play's, which at first was quite daunting for the ladies but they've now done so much street theatre and work within the community that it is no problem for them.

Most of the ladies came to know about the job through an advertisement that was placed on the community's board in the local area and initially even their families and friends were uncertain as to why the women were working in this area. Initially they said that it wasn’t good work for them, but in time they have come to recognise and understand the importance of what DISHA is doing and are now being 'calm and supportive'.

One of the ladies favourite aspects of the role so far has been a day spent in Mahabaleshwar, during this day the DISHA team received training, visited a hospital to observe and to learn skills in counseling, as well as team building with a picnic.

The most challenging aspect of their role to date has been working to create an ideal community in the area they work, at first they received opposition but over time they have come to receive a different and more open responses, mirroring the response they received from their own families. The women work very closely together and have had has some very challenging times like when their first beneficiary past away. They were initially frightened but with the support of each other, their family and the community they have learnt to handle the difficult ocassions.

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