20 April 2009

Sharad, DIYA


Sharad has completed his Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC- 12th Standard). Prior to the opening of DIYA in July 2008, Sharad participated in youth-related activities at the Deep Griha Society Ramtekadi Centre for three years.

During this time period Sharad completed the 8th, 9th, and 10th standard. Sharad has been a member of DIYA since its inception. Sharad utilizes the DIYA centre for the computer and English courses. He is an avid reader and frequently uses the library, usually reading one book per day. Sharad says that the DIYA library has a lot of good novels! Sharad’s favorite thing about DIYA is that it is working for the poor people. He is glad that DIYA is here because without DIYA there would be no place to participate in the type of activities in which he is interested.

Sharad enrolled in a private computer class for a while. However, now he comes to DIYA to learn computers. Because of the computer class, he now has more opportunity at his workplace to increase his earning. He also credits DIYA with helping him to learn spoken English. Sharad believes that other poor areas should also have DIYA projects in their communities.

Category: Case Study

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