15 June 2009

Abhishek and Pradeep, Childcare

Abhishek and Pradeep

Abhishek, age 5 is a part of the Deep Griha crèche for the past one year. Soon after Abhishek, his younger brother Pradeep was also enrolled in the crèche .

Their mother is the only earning member in the family. She works as a maid servant. She found out about the crèche facility at Deep Griha from her neighbours. She sends both her children to Deep Griha Society's crèche because “Once I drop my children here, I can go to work without any worries. I’m the only earning person in the family so my income is little which makes it really difficult to provide two meals a day for my children. Here they get one meal a day and basic medication in case they fall ill".

She adds, “The staff in the crèche look after my the children very well. They teach them many games, songs, stories and most importantly good values".

Looking at the helpers in crèche, Abhishek has now learned to look after his younger brother affectionately. Both of them enforce the rules they follow in the crèches at home, such as wash hands before eating food.

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