4 July 2007

Aadhar Kendra Kids Recieve New School Uniforms and Equipment

It has been yet another successful period for the Aadhar Kendra Child Sponsorship Programme.  On Tuesday 19 June a number of the children who benefit from the scheme posed for the camera in brand new school uniforms.

The staff and children of Aadhar Kendra feel school uniform is important as it gives the children a means of displaying their identity as well as enabling them to adhere to the uniform policy of the local schools.  As well as this an enormous supply of notebooks and stationary was also given out to the children as the local school does not fund this.

These are just a couple examples of the many ways in which the Aadhar Kendra child sponsorship program strives to support the children of Deep Griha Society.  However, this support can only continue with your help.  If you wish to find out how to sponsor a child click here.

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