Child Development

The main focus of Deep Griha’s Child Development programme is education. Children are given space to learn and develop, which allows them to realise their own potential, in turn, brightening and securing their future. Although children over five years old do receive education at local state-run schools, the standard is usually very poor. Therefore, Deep Griha provides additional support to these children who cannot afford better quality education.

A common problem that children from these marginalised communities face is the limited space at home. This inevitably has a negative impact on their education, as they are unable to study in a quiet and comfortable environment. In addition to this, although parents want to support their children, many have little education themselves and are therefore unable to offer assistance.


Deep Griha therefore offers programmes which tackle these issues, in both urban and rural areas. 

Yogita, School Dropout Programme
School Dropout Programme
Rani, School Dropout Programme
School Dropout Programme


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