City of Child

In 2000, Deep Griha set up City of Child, a residential project located in the village of Kasurdi, 45km away from Pune. The project targets the most vulnerable children from the Aadhar Kendra scheme, identified by our fieldworkers. They are provided with a safe home, where they can study, play and develop, away from the particularly difficult circumstances they faced in the slums.

The children are all either orphans or come from single-parent families, who are unable to provide sufficient care. Often, extended families have to foster the child, which puts pressure on already tight resources.

Residents at City of Child benefit from:

  • Safe and secure accommodation
  • Three balanced meals per day
  • Enrolment at local schools
  • Help with homework from staff and volunteers
  • School materials
  • Medical care
  • Recreation facilities – playground, games, annual entertainment, picnics and cricket field
  • Guidance, support and counselling

We have a group of 10 as caretakers, cooks, etc. at City of Child.

Deep Griha asks the sponsors to consider supporting their sponsored child through a private, English-Medium education. School fees are approximately Rs. 10,000 per year. This cost is not covered by basic sponsorship, but is a voluntary additional contribution made by individual sponsors.


If you are interested in sponsoring a child, or wish to renew your sponsorship, please contact us at:  

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