Special Nutrition Centre

Children in our target communities are susceptible to illnesses such as tuberculosis and pneumonia. Poor sanitation and hygiene are exacerbated by a lack of nutritious food. From its early years, Deep Griha has known that a wholesome and well-balanced diet is essential for maintaining good health. So, for children identified, by our health workers, as suffering from malnutrition or chronic ill health, we provide daily nutrition in the form of one free meal. We also offer nutty ladoos, milk, eggs, porridge, and a variety of fruit.

At Deep Griha, we also try to extend a hand to those who are ill, but are not enrolled at our crèche facilities, by providing them with food from our Special Nutrition Centres.

Malnutrition cases have reduced tremendously, but there are still a few tuberculosis cases. Over 65 children are receiving care, out of which, 60 are cases of tuberculosis.

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