Deep Griha’s involvement with HIV prevention in the city lies with DISHA. The programme is a HIV prevention, treatment, care and support programme, working to target Marathi speaking local communities. Wake up Pune, set up by volunteers in 2006 aims to spread DISHA’s message further, with a focus on the English speaking population and areas of the city.

DISHA offers a wide range of services for residents of both Tadiwala Road and Ramtekadi:

  • Nutrition programme for clients (two healthy meals a day, six days a week)
  • Drop in centre with recreation facilities
  • Counselling services
  • Home based care and support
  • Treatment of opportunistic infections
  • Referral services
  • Weekly outpatient clinic (courtesy of Dr. Madhu)
  • Matrimonial for HIV positive people
  • Voluntary HIV testing

DISHA’s motto “Positive Living” gives people living with HIV an opportunity to relax and have fun in events by being included in dances, music and competitions. DISHA currently helps over 215 clients.

We currently have around 45 clients for the nutrition programme in our Ramtekadi and Tadiwala Road branches, and see around 50 new cases every month. Our matrimonial meet yearly in the month of August, and see around 300 HIV patients all over Maharashtra and other neighbouring states.

The Stigma Chakra

DISHA and Wake Up Pune recognised the importance of education the public on HIV and AIDS to reduce stigma and discrimination attached to the virus. Wake Up Pune developed “The Stigma Chakra”, which demonstrates the negative role of silence surrounding HIV. The silence creates a cycle of ignorance, fear, stigma and discrimination, which continues until it is broken.

DISHA and Wake Up Pune work to “Break the Silence”, by holding boot camps, awareness drives, rallies, and public street plays.


For more information on Wake Up Pune, please see the website for more details.


Avinash, DISHA


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