Vidyanagari - 'City of Knowledge'

Children and young people in rural communities lack access to the same level of education as is available in the city. While they might have the means to attend school, distance prevents them from doing so.

For rural communities, the city appears to offer opportunity – in education, in the job market and in the ability to improve their lives. However, many urban migrants are disappointed as life in the city can be hard. Without equal training and education, they are unable to compete for the new jobs being created. This leads them to lower paid employment, and reduces their standard of living.

Traditional farming methods do not provide good enough returns, forcing job-seekers into the city. But, large scale migration makes the competition for jobs much tougher.


Deep Griha, through its existing work with Kasurdi village, recognised the negative effects of poor education in the countryside. 

Vidyanagari diagram


In 2006, Deep Griha purchased a large plot of land, near Chaufula, in Daund District. Here, they developed an English-Medium educational and training centre for the rural population. This ambitious project currently provides:


The 15 acres of land include many large building, which are being converted into classrooms. There is also space for playing fields, a swimming pool and an organic farm. The school runs from Nursery to the 8th Standard, currently.
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