Deep Griha Academy

In 2006, Deep Griha’s English-Medium school, the Deep Griha Academy, opened in the village Chaufula. It is situated 60kms from the centre of Pune.

The school is for children from the rural community with an annual fee to keep it independent and self-sufficient. Accepting both boys and girls, there are reductions in rates for families with more than one child and/or girls.

From three students in 2007, Deep Griha Academy is now providing quality English-Medium education to over 400 children, from nursery to 8th grade, with over 12 classrooms. The school also plans to begin vocational training for the children as they move into Grades 8 to 10.

The curriculum is designed to make the pupils appreciate agriculture and their environment, preparing them for challenges of modern rural India, by giving them a sense of responsibility towards the local community and themselves. Environmental concerns include the nurturing of plants on site, as well as plans to introduce compost toilets.


DGS aspires to be a fully inclusive school, with buildings designed to be accessible to people with disabilities, and our teaching curriculum is catered for pupils with special educational needs to be taught alongside mainstream learning.