Adult Education


The literacy rate for men in Maharashtra is 88.38%. For women, it is 69.87% (2011 Census). Not only does this damage women's ability to gain paid employment, it also limits their independence.

Illiterate women are constantly reliant on others to help them outside of the home; they are not even able to recognise bus numbers or take down telephone numbers. Deep Griha provides basic literacy classes (covering 1st to 4th Standards) and post-literacy classes (5th to 7th Standard).

Basic literacy classes give a measure of confidence to previously illiterate women. Many of the women attending these classes choose to continue with the post-literacy classes, after which they can sit for their school certificate. This qualification gives them the opportunity to enter into work.

We also hold a number of awareness courses and informal education seminars, covering topics such as health and hygiene, women's rights and financial skills.

Men's Education Class

Deep Griha recognises that many men in our target communities also feel disempowered and lack basic literacy skills. We run an adult education class for men at our Bibwewadi centre.

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