Categories: Income Generation Programme
      Date: 30 August 2015
     Title: Meet the IGP Team 

The income generation programme aims to bring sustainable incomes to women living within the communities that Deep Griha Society works with. 


Smita has worked for DGS for 8 years, with her time being split between DISHA and income generation. When Smita is not working she is busy looking after her immediate and extended family; including cooking and cleaning. Reading is a favourite hobby and the books she reads vary from novels to story books. Smita has an eye for detail and is a very important team member with regards to design and colour schemes.



Jyoti is a field worker with DISHA and is also a member of IGP and has worked for DGS for 8 years. When Jyoti is not working she is looking after her family, doing cooking and cleaning. Jyoti is vegetarian and this is reflected in her cooking. Her favourite dish to make and eat is a vegetable dosa. Jyoti works closely with Smita and assists her in the preparation of the paper quilling material.


Kusum has been working with DISHA for 7 years and IGP for 5 years. Kusum likes to cook for her husband and her son when she is not working. Her son often pops by the office to say hi and help out with using the computer. Kusum really likes sweets especially gulab jamun in liquid sugar. Kurdai is something that Kusum likes to make in the summer time which involves soaking wheat in water for 4 days. It is then ground into round shapes. These can then be cooked as they are needed; for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Kusum is in charge of the accounts and design for IGP, determining how much money is being made and which cards are most popular. She also organises all the materials that are required by the IGP team. This has recently been documented on excel, making keeping track of the orders much easier!  


Maya began working for DGS in 2005 when DISHA first started, she has worked with IGP since 2007. When Maya is not working she likes to have a lie in and does work around the house, including cooking. Maya likes to learn how to do new things and this is particularly true for cooking. She gets inspiration from TV cooking shows, such as ‘Food For You’ and then makes the new recipes. Maya designs cards within  IGP as well as helping others complete their ambitious designs. Excel is something that Maya has learned and is often teaching or helping others use the software.  The women often ask her to translate between volunteers and the IGP as she is the most fluent speaker in the team. 


Rajashree has been working with DISHA and IGP for 5 years. When she is not working she is busy looking after her two daughters, who also pop by after school before going off to play with their friends. She likes to make sure her house is clean and tidy. Drawing is something that Rajashree enjoys and often comes up with novel ideas and designs for IGP. She has made an amazing Mother Mary and baby christmas card that took a lot of hard work. Especially when working out how best to design the eyes. Despite this she persevered and the finished result is definitely worth all the hard work!


Laxmi has been working with DISHA since it began in 2005 and within IGP since 2007. She is the main person in charge of keeping a happy office and when Laxmi is about you often hear an erruption of laughter spreading across the office, making it a very happy environment. She said, whilst conducting the interview for this profile, that laughter is the best form of medicine! When Laxmi is not working she likes to experiment with different recipes and travel. She particularly likes to visit gardens and temples. Laxmi has two sons, both of whom are studying computer science at University, one at bachelor level and one at masters level. Laxmi likes to sing and also enjoys watching old movies. Within IGP Laxmi helps to make cards and designs them herself. She is often shouting in frustration when things aren’t going completely to plan but together the team find a solution. 


Lata has been working with DISHA for the last 10 years and with IGP for 7 years. Lata works in multiple projects within DGS and is often hard to track down in the office! Lata acts as a translator between patients and the dentist, as well between volunteers and the other IGP women. Lata doesn’t have a lot of spare time but when she does she is looking after her family, cooking for them and doing the housework. When Lata is not as busy she likes to sing and listen to old songs but is often singing whilst she works.  


Vaishali has been working with DISHA since it began in 2005 and with the IGP program since 2007. When Vaishali is not working she is looking after her sons and her mother. She likes to have a clean house but this is challenging with 2 sons to make a mess! She also likes to watch TV. Vaishali is also involved in IGP and is more than willing to help out if staff members are off work, such as helping cook food for DISHA.