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23 May 2012
Category: DISHA
As a finale to Glodal Aids Action Week on Sunday 20th May, DISHA and Wake Up Pune participated in the 29th Annual International AIDS Candlelight Vigil. The vigil is organized by the Global Network of People Living with HIV, it seeks to raise awareness about the presence and realities of HIV/AIDS in our communities, and to promote positive social action. The theme for 2012 was “ Promoting Health and Dignity Together.” The goal of the event is to dramatically raise awareness about HIV in Pune, and to simultaneously combat the stigma that surrounds HIV and leads to discrimination against HIV positive people.

23 May 2012
Category: DISHA
This year DGS staff and volunteers have been incredibly busy with the Wake Up Pune campaign which coincided with Global Aids Action Week, 2012. Events were planned throughout last week at different locations around Pune city.

20 April 2012
Category: City of Child
Deep Griha Society’s City of Child (CoC) recently hosted postgraduate students from the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) while they conducted a two-week rural community outreach programme.

18 April 2012
Category: Case Study
Shubham Lagad is 12 years old and lives at DGS’s City of Child (CoC) residential project. He and his nine-year-old sister Neha have lived at CoC for the past five years.

9 April 2012
Category: Vidyanagari
Four ‘Tippy Taps’ have been installed at the Deep Griha Academy as part of a volunteer-led project to ensure good hygiene among the children.
Teaching children to wash their hands after going to the toilet, after sneezing and before eating can prevent many health problems.

4 April 2012
Category: Volunteer
My journey started when I was invited to attend a Wake Up Pune! ‘Bootcamp’ by a friend who volunteered at DGS. Since that day I have not been able to stop myself from coming here whenever I have free time.

15 March 2012
Category: Volunteer
I volunteered with Deep Griha Society for 5 months, and by the end of my time here I definitely did not want to go home. Deep Griha is incredible, and the work they carry out is so vital to the local community. Each of the projects here has its own way of empowering the local people and enabling them to build a better life for themselves.

6 March 2012
Category: Newsletters

Dear Friends of Deep Griha Society,

We have had an extremely busy few months, wrapping up our 2011 activities and welcoming 2012. We have selected a sample from a large range of recent highlights to share in this newsletter.

17 November 2011
Category: Volunteer
This year sees Deep Griha Celebrate 30 years of receiving volunteers from overseas. To celebrate, in August, we posted a number of quotes from our voluminous visitors books, filled in by previous volunteers. This article prompted a number of former Deep Griha volunteers to reflect on their time volunteering here and how it impacted their later life...

28 October 2011
Category: Newsletters


Dear Friends and supporters,

The Monsoon season at Deep Griha has been a busy one. On the 5th July we celebrated Deep Griha’s 36th Birthday; volunteers, staff and supporters were all in attendance. There was dancing, singing, games, presentations, food and thank yous to the supporters who could make it. It was a joyous day and enjoyed by everyone. The following day all of the staff and volunteers ventured out to Vidyanagari and the City of Child. On arrival we were all treated to Pune’s best Wada Pav! Then, with the representatives from Centrica (who are sponsoring the construction of the second school building), we symbolically ‘broke the ground’, and construction is now underway! After this we all had a delicious lunch at the City of Child followed by the inauguration of the Chapel there in memory of Rev. Bhaskar Onawale. Towards the end of July an ex-Deep Griha volunteer visited us, and she spent some time at the City of Knowledge running a training programme with the teachers, whilst other international volunteers ran a variety of activity sessions for the students.


Unventured, an adventure company from Bangalore is supporting "The Laddoo Project" ( an Urban Nutrition initiative by Design Impact being run at the DGS creches). This is a unique collaboration, wherein 11 cyclists who are riding from Manali to Leh will raise money and awareness for the Laddoo Project, such that our little toddlers keep getting their yummy source of healthy laddoos. Read more >

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