I completed my BCom and BA from Pune University followed by a DEd from St. Thom Dibrito College. I have 18 years experience in Teaching and Education, and am still working in Night/Adult Literacy School. I joined DGS as a Mobilizer, progressed to being a Facilitator and am now working as a Project Co-ordinator in the Tech Mahindra Vocational Training Centre. This centre helps youth with employability, using a three month training program, followed by job searches and placements. In the year 2016-17, 144 students underwent training and 104 students got placements. I love working at DGS as it honourable, pleasurable and fulfills my aim of interacting and helping youth and children.

I am the Team Leader in charge of Administration, at Deep Griha Society. I’ve worked here since 1990, and joined DGS after completing a Masters in Personnel Management, besides Masters in Social Work. I’ve worked here in many different positions and capacities, starting as a Compounder, Office Clerk, Medical Co-ordinator and Team Leader Health, in the Clinic and in DGS overall. I have a good rapport with people in the community and also our partner NGOs. As I have personally lived within the grassroots community for over six years, I have a very good understanding of their needs and problems.

Prior to joining DGS, I was a Professor in Social Work college. I joined DGS in 2008. Initially I joined as a Team Leader in Sponsorship and then gradually grew into the Finance Lead. I’ve chosen this profession as it allows me to help people to help themselves. In my years at Deep Griha, I’ve learned to handle part responsibilities as well as full project responsibility. I have a background in Computers and this helps me streamline the projects that I work with.

In 2014, I embarked on my journey with Deep Griha Society, initially joining their fundraising team. In this role, I had an opportunity to witness the meaningful work Deep Griha Society was doing across programmes and centers. This ignited a profound desire within me to serve and develop rural communities in Daund, Pune. I was then entrusted to work at Deep Griha Academy, where I honed my abilities as an adept trainer and was subsequently given the opportunity to visit Germany for training. At present, my responsibilities encompass overseeing CSR Engagement and Deep Griha Academy. This multifaceted role allows me to channel my enthusiasm for community progress and leverage my diverse skill set to drive meaningful change. I feel really proud and privileged to work with Deep Griha Society.

I’ve worked with Deep Griha since 2006 and love working with children. Deep Griha gives me ample opportunities to work with children. I joined DGS after completing my MSW (Masters in Social Work). I am now a Team Leader in the City of Child project in Kasurdi, working in the overall development of children there.