Corporate Social Responsibility

Just as one shoe does not fit all, we do our best to cater to the needs of Corporate’s CSR policies and work closely with them to find tailored solutions.

Below are some of the ways, but not limited to, how corporates may engage with us.

  1. Adopt a Project as per your CSR policy.
  2. Employee Engagement activities and programmes such tree plantation drives, etc.  
  3. Provide for Capital expenditure requirements such as solar installations, rainwater harvesting, etc.
  4. Sponsor a Child.
  5. Site visit to understand social issues.
  6. Start social programmes in communities around your office/factory premises.
  7. Co-promote organization’s work and values by organising an event.  

Our Commitment

  1. Transparency – Our compliance page highlights our dedication to maintain transparency and to be accountable in our work.
  2. Communication – We strive to provide regular and timely reports of programme progress, events and activities.
  3. Community First – At our core resides the community; All are decisions are driven keeping their interests in mind.  

For more information you may download our presentation or write to us at

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