Friends of Deep Griha

Friends of Deep Griha was set up to support the projects, programmes and activities of Deep Griha Society overseas. Individuals and groups that have supported Deep Griha’s work in the past and are determined to see our work continue, comprising:

  • Volunteers
  • Visitors
  • Donors
  • Sponsors
  • Partner agencies
  • Well wishers

The Friends of Deep Griha hope to be more than just an organisation that raises and channels funds to Deep Griha. The aim is to encourage communities overseas to support the slum communities in Pune by adopting a project that they can focus on and be a part of.

Our Friends in the UK and USA contribute by holding many fundraising events in their home communities to continue to raise awareness for our cause. All of our Friends overseas have a strong connection with our projects here in Pune.  Many have even come to India to visit us and understand the true nature of the work that we do. Some have also gained hands-on experience of the work that we do by volunteering in a variety of our programmes.

The relationship between the Deep Griha team in Pune and our Friends overseas is extremely strong and continues to grow stronger.

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Deep Griha Society USA is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization supporting the goals and activities of Deep Griha Society in Pune, India. Deep Griha provides education, health care, and support programs to give people in slum communities the skills and confidence they need to improve their lives.

Deep Griha USA, a non-profit organization in Columbus, Ohio, USA, was formed by several members of First Community Church in Columbus. The purposes of the organization are to:

  1. Raise funds for Deep Griha in the USA
  2. Report to USA donors on the cost effectiveness, sustainability and transparency of Deep Griha as observed on visits to Pune by our representatives, and
  3. Respond to Deep Griha requests for assistance

Deep Griha USA was formed in 2007 and within 1 year, the organization helped raise capital funds (over $140,000) to help Deep Griha build the Vidyanagari pre-primary and primary schools outside Pune. The organization continues to raise Aadhar Kendra Child Sponsorships and operating funds for Deep Griha.

While Deep Griha USA is a young organization, its members are typically older persons who have known Neela and Bhaskar Onawale personally. The organization’s volunteers have assisted First Community Church efforts to support Deep Griha over many years.

Challenges to Deep Griha USA include expanding volunteer participation by younger persons in the USA organization, and creating better public awareness of Deep Griha among the USA public.

Deep Griha USA has assisted one church, Dublin Community Church in Dublin, Ohio to adopt Deep Griha as an international project. Deep Griha USA will continue to investigate 3 potential methods of expanding public awareness and funding of Deep Griha:

  1. How to encourage other churches and organizations to become supporters of Deep Griha
  2. How the internet can be utilized to expand financial support for Deep Griha
  3. How to expose young people to Deep Griha, despite the high cost of travel from USA to India.

Deep Griha USA solicits suggestions from other supporters of Deep Griha about each of these areas. Or, if Deep Griha USA can assist your efforts, write to us at:

Deep Griha USA c/o Barbara & Sandy Wood
3074 Glenrich Parkway,
Ohio 4322.
Tel: (614) 486-0827(614) 486-0827