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Child Care

Deep Griha creches provide early education for children, preparing them for school by the age of four. They also provide assistance to families: with children cared for safely during the day so that both parents can go out to work and elder siblings are able to attend school. The children receive overall care, and a lot of emphasis is laid on working with parents and building positive relationships with the community.

  • Crèches– Deep Griha runs 9 crèches, caring for almost 200 children (167 recent) every day at all three centres. The crèches are open to children ranging from ages 6 months to 5 years and operate in the Tadiwala Road, Bibewadi  and Ramtekadi centres.

The teachers come from our target communities itself and are given rigorous and regular training. Our crèches provide a safe environment in which the young children are able to learn in a play way method.

This gives parents the confidence that their children are well looked after and hence, they are able to find and maintain jobs to further help support their families.

The parents are also invited for monthly meetings with their child’s teachers, to monitor progress and address any problems.

  • Nutrition Centre– Children in our target communities are susceptible to illnesses and malnourishment. Poor sanitation and hygiene are exacerbated by lack of nutritious food. Since its early years, Deep Griha has believed that a wholesome and well-balanced diet is essential for maintaining good health. So, for all children in the crèches, especially those who are identified by our health workers, as suffering from malnutrition or chronic ill health, we provide daily nutrition. This is done by providing nutritious food (according to WHO standards) such as milk, porridge peanut ladoos.
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