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Project Description

Vidyanagari – City of Knowledge

Deep Griha Academy is an English medium school, set up as a part of Deep Griha Society’s rural development programme- Vidyanagari. Vidyanagari which translates to City of Knowledge aims to address a vital problem which is lack of access to quality education and training available to rural communities. Deep Griha Academy strives to change this by providing not only quality education to children who need to travel far away from home to receive an education but also focus on the holistic development of the students. This is done through a specially designed curriculum for the Academy which includes locally relevant agricultural and vocational training along with basic subjects such as English, Math, and Science. Deep Giha Academy even provides education and awareness on community health. DGA started in 2007 with Pre-primary classes and adds a new grade every year. Presently, there are upto 400 students enrolled till 10th standard. The methodologies employed are aimed to develop values and qualities such as confidence, responsibility and making the students socially aware and environmentally conscious young people.

The main objectives practiced at Deep Griha Academy are:

1. Providing quality education in English:

  • The prime motto of the school is to provide quality education to children coming from 30 surrounding villages.
  • Interactive learning through classes equipped with Tata Class Edge.
  • Intensive methodology based training for teachers throughout the year.

2. Vocational Training:

  • The students from grade 8 onwards receive training in vocational skills such as engineering drawing, carpentry, cookery, etc. The goal is to provide a well rounded structure of education so that students are equipped with multiple options.

3. Agricultural training:

  • Specially designed curriculum with the focus on Agriculture. Students have regular practical Agri sessions. Through this students are educated about their social and environmental responsibilities.
  • At the school we practice innovative organic farming techniques to share with the farmers in the villages around.

4. Healthcare:

  • Medical checkups for students and staff are conducted at the school. We are working on providing healthcare facilities at the school.

Impact: 345 since inception



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