Project Description

Medical and Healthcare

Daily clinic facilities at Tadiwala Road- Deep Griha runs a daily medical clinic at the Family Welfare Centre, Tadiwala Road. The clinic is open until 8pm, enabling people to visit after work.  Deep Griha Society provides facilities to get medical tests done by an established doctor that visits the clinic regularly. Treatment and medication is provided at nominal costs, but those patients who cannot afford this are not turned away. Treatment at Tadiwala Road is both preventative and curative. Should patients require special attention, our doctors are also able to refer them to suitable clinics. Some of the other facilities available at the centres are:

  1. Deep Griha holds regular medical health care camps for the marginalised communities. We believe that prevention is better than cure, therefore we hold eye camps in different areas of the city as well as checkups for cancer detection (breast and uterus) at all centres. In case of cases where further treatment or surgery is required, Deep Griha facilitates the process.
  2. The Deep Griha centre at Tadiwala Road is equipped with an eye care clinic and dental clinic. The treatment offered at the clinics is at subsidised rates, providing affordable health care to all.
  3. Health awareness and education
  4. Tuberculosis is a disease that requires treatment as well as attention and care. We recognise the need for providing affordable health care services for those affected. The Direct Observation Treatment (DOT) clinic for Tuberculosis is situated at Tadiwala Road and Ramtekdi. Apart from medication, the clinic also overlooks the need for nutrition got the patient and provides milk, boiled eggs and symptomatic treatment.

Impact- 1978, 80-100 patients per day. Annually 25,000 beneficiaries

Patients Per Day


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