Tech Mahindra Smart Centres

Education is seen as a highly effective empowering tool in our country. Yet, due to certain circumstances, 47 million youth in India are dropouts. Tech Mahindra in partnership with Deep Griha is aimed at facilitating youth empowerment. The programme provides a 3 month course in vocational training including computer training and personality development. It has been specially designed for the youth of today (18+) assisting them in securing jobs and providing placements. On an average, we have a placement rate of 80%-85%. The course includes:

  • Computer training (Word, Excel, Power Point presentation, Paint, how to access the internet and create an mailing address)
  • Guidance from experienced mentors provided for vocational training
  • Training on how to behave and speak in a corporate setting

Impact: 2150 since April 1, 2014

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