City of Child

The City of Child programme recognises the need for children to flourish in a safe and secure environment. The programme identifies the most vulnerable children from the Aadhar Kendra Scheme through fieldworkers, who are then placed at the City of Child hostel situated on the outskirts of Pune city. These children are either orphans or single parent children who are living in a difficult or risky environment because of which their ability to reach their full potential is hampered. At the City of Child, the children receive:

  • Secure accommodation away from difficult circumstances
  • Enrolment in local schools and Deep Griha Academy
  • Well balanced meals
  • Medical care- medical health checkups are conducted regularly. Awareness sessions on health and hygiene are carried out for the children at COC.
  • Recreational activities- picnics and celebration of festivals, birthdays and annual functions
  • Academic support provided for school subjects in terms of study guidance
  • Participation in sports, dance, drawing and cultural activities organised all over the country.
  • Career guidance and counselling.

Impact: 186 children since 2005


Hear directly from our Team and Children

Rajesh Nimbolkar
Team Leader

Ayush Bhosle

Suvarna Terekholkar
House Mother

Saksham Sonkamble


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